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국제공조를 위한 민간인 납치피해문제의 해결 International Cooperation as the Means toward Solving Civ

International Cooperation as the Means toward Solving Civilian abductions

Author   :
Publisher : Korean War Abduction Research Institute

2013 Seoul International Symposium
hosted by Korean War Abductee's Family Union
Sponsored by National Commiittee on Investigating Abductions during the Korean War, and
Lawyers for Human Rights and Unification of Korea
Oopening remarks Lee Mi-il

Session 1: An international resolution to the Korean war civilain abductees issue
Ki, Tae-hoon

Session II Abductions, deportations and murders committeed by the Soviet Union on Polish citizens as an example of communist crimes posecuted by the IPN'
Marek Handrek

Session III Background and significance of the establishment of UN Commission of Inquiry for DPRK in regard to civilian abductions committed by North Korea