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Internship & Volunteer

Voluntary services contribute greatly to ascertaining fate of the abductees.

Korean War Abductees' Family Union (KWAFU) is in great need of voluntary workers and interns whose services are valuable for planning, managing and supporting activities aimed at protection and improvement of human rights of the abductees


KWAFU voluntary workers will be cordially invited to special occasions, including "A Night for Supporters," Forums, Lectures, etc.
Voluntary work certificate is issued at request.

1. Translation and interpretation services

Translation of domestic and foreign documents, and interpretation services at meetings
of international organizations, governments and international NGOs.

2. Voluntary assistance at events

Preparation and management, proceeding assistance, picture-taking, etc.,
organized by this union

3. Video and website management

Video-recording of witnesses given by abductee family members, production
of documentaries and PR products, and system operation of homepage.

4. Publications

Research and collection of material related to Korean War abduction,
publication and preparation of material for press release.
  • If you have further questions please contact: (82)2-967-0625
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