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Civilian protection in the wartime and resolution of civilian abduct

전시민간인 보호와 6.25전쟁중 민간인 납북문제 해결

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Publisher : Korean War Abduction Research Institute

2015 KWFU International Conference on Transitional JUustice

2015년 11월 30일
글로벌센터 9층 Seoul Global Center

Orgnaizer: Korean War Abductee's Family Union
Sponsor: National Commiittee on Investigaitng Abductions during the Korean War
Partners: Transitional Justice Mission Transitional Justice Working Group
Opening remark: Lee Mi-il
Session I
Evolution and reinforcement of civilian protection in Genera conventions
Enforced disappearance and abduction in international law

Session II
The forgotten victims of the forgotten war: the South Korean civilian abductees
International humanitarian law based approach on civilain abduction by North Korea during the Korean War

Session III
Poland and central Europe, Cambodia, Kosovo and Balkan Peninsula
Guatemala and Latin America