Jul. 28, 2011 - Day of Remembrance
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Day of Remembrance for the Korean War Abductees
“I miss him more as I get older”

Daily NK
Jul. 28, 2011

Father, I miss you even more as I get older
You may be lying on a mountain in the North
Thinking back to your old days

During the 1920s under Japanese colonial rule
You were there
You wrote poems representing the spirit and sentiment of the nation
The Korean War took you away to the North
And your son became an orphan missing his abducted father every day

“The 2nd Day of Remembrance for the Korean War Abductees” was held by KWAFU on the 27th to mark the 61st anniversary of the Korean War and the 58th anniversary of the Armistice Agreement.

At the event, Kim Seong-ho, Honorary commissioner of the Korean War Abductees’ Family Union (KWAFU), gave a reading of a poem called “Father,” written by son of the poet Kim Dong-hwan, whose pen name was 'Pa-in'. The poem well represented the sorrow and pain of the families of the abductees.

In her opening remarks, KWAFU president Lee Mi-il, said, “The abduction itself is painful enough. Neglecting or ignoring the false arguments of North Korea deprives the abductees of their honor.”

Lee Mi-il also mentioned that the government took the implementation of the “Act on Investigating Abductions by North Korea during the Korean War and Restoring Honor to the Victims” as an opportunity to begin receiving reports on abductees. She added, “The number of reports is still minimal because of the time gap, but I ask for your support and attention so that this Act can be effective.”

In his words of encouragement, Hyun Byung-chul, the National Human Rights Commission of the Republic of Korea, consoled the abductees and their families for their long-lasting suffering. He added, “Abduction is indeed the cruelest form of crime against humanity in modern society.”

Hyun Byung-chul said, “As a member of modern society, North Korea must come up with a practical solution for the issue of the abductions and the abductees. On the other hand, the global community needs to strengthen the international coalition to address this issue.” He particularly emphasized that the Korean government must make its utmost effort to resolve the problem of the abductions and the abductees.

The ceremony was conducted in a form of a concert to bring back memories of the Korean War abductees. Soprano Kim Ho-jeong sang ‘Longing’ and 'I wait for you to come,’ and saxophonist Lee In-su played ' Miari Hill of Sadness' and other music.

The ceremony ended as the participants laid flowers in front of pictures of the abductees and members of KWAFU sang “We must meet.”
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