Jul. 3, 2013 - Families Demand N.K. to Admit
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Korean War Abductee Families Call on North Korea to Admit Wartime Abductions

Jul. 3, 2013

“Families who witnessed the abductions are still alive, North Korea cannot deny or keep quiet on the issue”

“We can keep quiet no more towards North Korea’s denial of the existence of wartime abductees,” said Lee Mi-Il, the president of the Korean War Abductees’ Family Union (KWAFU). “The North Korean regime must admit it committed wartime abductions.”

The family union’s statement today responded to North Korea’s claim that no wartime abductees exist. “The North Korean regime’s annoyed response to the wartime abductee issue is due to the fact that it knows better than anyone else that it’s abduction of unarmed South Korean civilians during the Korean War is a war crime.

“According to records from North Korea and abroad, the North Korean regime’s abduction of critical human resources (social leaders, intellectuals, anti-communist group members, engineers, and youth) during the Korean War was part of a preplanned, systematic campaign directed against specific individuals,” the statement said. “This abduction campaign violates the Fourth Geneva Conventions on the protection of civilians in wartime and constitutes a war crime.

“Even during peacetime, the North Korean regime abducted foreign civilians and the abduction of critical human resources from South Korea was one reason why North Korea began the Korean War. To say that not one person was abducted is ludicrous,” the statement continued. “The North Korean regime must clearly understand that there are still family members of the abductees who witnessed their loved ones being abducted.

The family union’s statement called on North Korea to admit that wartime abductions had occurred, apologize to wartime abductees and their families, confirm the whereabouts of wartime abductees, and return the remains of those abductees who have died. “If these steps do not take place, the North Korean regime will face judgment by the international community.”

Recently, North Korea responded to the announcement that the South Korean government’s National Committee on Investigating Abductions during the Korean War had recognized Kim GyuSik, the former vice-president of Korea’s Interim Government, and 270 others as Korean War abductees. “Kim GyuSik and others who have been recognized as abductees up chose to come to North Korea because of their political beliefs,” North Korea’s state media said. “The concept of Korean War abductees talked about in South Korea is false and a fabrication.”
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