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Efforts to make public the issue of repatriation of ab
Name: National Arc
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Efforts to make public the issue of repatriation of abductees

(April 30, 1954)

<Source> National Archives & Records Administration

<Commentary> In accordance with the Armistice Agreement paragraph 60, the Geneva Fareast Peace Conference was held in April 1954 for political solution of the Korean issue with participation of the Republic of Korea, nations that fought in Korea under the UN flag, and North Korea, Communist China and Soviet Union. The document shows that the then President Seung-man Rhee told Mr. Byeon Young-tai, Minister of Foreign Affairs, who was representing Korea, to urge the participants repatriation of abducted South Korean civilians. The meeting concluded, however, without any agreement on the matter.

(Confidential) No. 11

April 30, 1954

From: President

To: Byeon Young-tai, Minister of Foreign Affairs & Korean Rep. at the Geneva Conference


Re: Making public the issue of repatriation of abductees

During this war, the Communist army abducted innumerable South Koreans, which has no precedence in the history of war. It is incomprehensible that the free world takes no action on this matter. The Korean representatives should make a suggestion that an action be taken for the abductees’ repatriation to their homes, without delay.













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