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Jan.3,1952 - Right to Choose Repatriation
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Right to Choose Repatriation Also to be Given to Civilians
One-for-One Exchange for POWs
Six New Articles Proposed by UN Side
(Jan. 3, 1952, Dong-a Daily, 3rd column of 1st page)

[Panmunjeom - Jan. 2 - Reuters] The UN side’s representative proposed on the 2nd exchanging all POWs on both sides and repatriating civilians. But the UN side asserted exchanging POWs one-for-one. At a subcommittee meeting on the 2nd, the UN side proposed six articles to the Communist side and that all of the POWs and civilians from the war be given the right to freely choose whether to be exchanged or repatriated. The contents of the UN’s 12,000-word, 6-article proposal are summarized as follows.

1. The POWs requesting to be returned shall be exchanged on a one-for-one basis until all POWs have been exchanged.

2. Thereafter, the side that still has POWs shall exchange them on a one-to-one basis with the other side for foreign civilians, civilians, and POWs detained within the area controlled by the other side at the time the Armistice Agreement is signed and who want to be sent back.

3. POWs not seeking to return shall be released for the purpose of liberation. Each person’s release shall be carried out under the condition that he does not take up arms again in a Korean war.

4. At the time the Armistice Agreement is signed all citizens from both sides who are living in an area controlled by the other side shall be repatriated according to their wishes.

5. To verify that the choice to return is being respected, International Red Cross representatives shall be permitted to interview POWs and all citizens living in the areas controlled by both sides at the time the Armistice Agreement is signed.

6. With respect to both sides’ citizens and others, for the purposes of sections 2, 4, and 5, residents of the Republic of Korea are limited to mean residents living in (or under the authority of) the Republic of Korea on June 25, 1950.
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